My hair,My journey….

I will never forget that day,I was only five years old.

Since then my hair has been to hell and back.

As a child I had thick black hair….lots of it.When ever it was time to comb,there was weeping ,wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Usually she would slap me to keep still,but every time the comb went down on my scalp I would holler a little louder.

I went to live with my grandmother, (my father’s mom) apparently she couldn’t manage ‘the hair’  either.

My mom decided hey I can’t bother anymore .

One Saturday morning early she woke me up,got me ready and we left in the thick fog of the morning.

Next thing I know my hair was relaxed,straightened,permed….Call it what you may.

But maybe she should have let me dread lock instead.

 Back then in Jamaica, dreadlock was frowned upon.


I used to hear that dreadlocks have lice and forty leg (centipede).


Back then as a child I believed,and I was even scared of rasta’s.

I cut it several times (yes,this one time I made a bang in the front,and it got spoiled)mercy me.

That dull scissors made an even bigger mess,to cover that up I took my friend’s advice and glued in some hairpiece.

My worst nightmare… 

I was abusing my hair for 24 years and didn’t even know it,and it all started because of the decision my mom made when I was 5yrs old.

You name the hair, the style, the permanent color or dye and I have done it.

The damages were irreparable(or so I thought)I was now tired of being tired of my hair.

All this time I was of the notion that My own natural hair would make me look ugly.

To me that was like losing all or some of my teeth.

I knew I wanted to stop abusing my hair but I couldn’t,even though I mentioned it to my husband and he said, “Hon whatever you do to your hair you’ll still be beautiful.”

One day in 2012,I had this pony tail made from human hair,I put it over my hair to go on the road and just got mad and ripped it out.

(My husband hated it too,called it horse hair.)

Three months passed and i didn’t visit the hair salon,scary but…….

My Natural hair journey started.

I gave up relaxer and started to embrace my natural hair,but how was I going to manage it natural?

Please check out part two…..coming at a later date.

Thanks for reading my ranting.





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