Am I a man now.

So my smaller son turned four a few days ago.Yesterday he came to me and said,”Mom”,I said yes baby.He said,”i feel my body changing.I said really, how so? He said he could feel it turning.His question was “Am i a man now mom? hah aha… I could not let him see me laughing.So i told no he is still a little boy, my baby.With a disappointed look on his face he sighed.Oh men i am still a boy.

I remember bits and pieces from when I was a child,I would  dress up in my grandmother’s clothes, and parade in front of the mirror.I wanted to grow up so badly,I kept on asking members of the family when will I turn 18,for me 18 meant freedom….to do,say and go wherever I want.An boy was I disappointed when I got there,yes things were a bit different but my life changed drastically.If I had known being an adult was so complicated,I would have wished to remain forever young and innocent.Adulthood allowed me to make my own decisions,but sometimes I wish someone would make them for me.Hard work,responsibilities,academic decisions,career decisions,bills bills and more bills it’s like stuff just keeps piling on.Now I wish I was a little girl again.

Is adulthood a test or a journey…..What is your definition of adulthood?

Advice to my baby,Don’t rush it son remain a child for as long as you can.


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